Timelines, Graphics & Animation


We are proud to have the most talented graphic artist in the country as a member of our “dream team”. We offer full service trial and litigation support, including trial timelines, graphs, illustrations and presentation boards. We can also produce digital, animated timelines and graphics for display on a monitor or big screen.


Whether you need medical diagrams, illustrations of injuries or surgeries, or any other kind of demonstrative exhibit, our graphic artist can help visualize your case. From trial graphics to courtroom animations, charts, photos and maps, we have the tools and expertise to produce the visual aids you need for mediation or trial.

symptomatic example


Our team uses animation to re-create car accidents, crashes, medical procedures and devices, product liability and environmental mishaps. We have also produced animated “cartoon like” television commercials for attorneys looking to differentiate themselves from the pack. We believe illustration and motion help bring complex legal concepts to life, and we have the software, creativity and experience to produce whatever you desire.