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Settlement Documentaries for All Areas of Law

Why do a “day in the life” video about your client when there’s so much more to their story?

At Heidi Hemmat Productions, we believe the most powerful and effective legal case presentation tells your client’s “Life Story,” — who they were before the accident or incident that forever changed their life, and who they are after.

Were they a good parent? A great provider? An upstanding member of their community? What were their goals, aspirations and dreams? Did they have a bright future? At Heidi Hemmat Productions, we use photos, home video and emotional interviews to paint the picture of their lives before the devastating accident or incident. Then we use photos, animation, medical records, even 9-1-1 calls to re-create the accident or incident, and finally –we gather “day in the life” elements to show the aftermath—essentially telling their LIFE STORY—not just one day in their life.

Our Trademarked “LIFE STORIES™” are unlike any other “day in the life” video offered by our competitors –and we are proud to say our videos, produced by EMMY winning, former TV journalists, have a proven, 99 percent, success rate—netting 10’s of millions of dollars at mediation, and settling contentious legal cases for the highest possible amount.

Here is a short segment of a recent legal LIFE STORY that resulted in a large settlement.

  • "I have negotiated large settlements in complex litigation against some of the world’s largest corporations…I don’t remember a single time I was not able to reach agreement with the defense in a difficult case by using Heidi’s video story. No one is better than Heidi Hemmat!"

    Jim Gilbert • The Gilbert Law Group

  • "Heidi came highly recommended and she did not disappoint. She worked with us on a very short timeline and produced an excellent video for our use at mediation which helped the case settle very favorable for our clients."

    Gus Panagotacos • Dunn & Panagotacos

  • "We are regularly using Heidi Hemmat’s video documentaries to settle our large medical malpractice cases. We have also used her company for medical illustrations, timelines and trial boards. I highly recommend Heidi and her talented team."

    Jim Puga • Leventhal - Puga

  • "Free advice...start your case with Heidi, it is not too early. Do not wait. It is worth it. Call me about her, really!"

    Gregory A. Gold • The Gold Law Firm

  • "I hired Heidi recently to do a day in the life type of video presentation for a paraplegia case, and her work was spectacular It had the look and feel of a professional journalistic piece that one would see during prime time"

    Jonathon Kieffer • Wagstaff & Cartmell LLP


The team at Heidi Hemmat Productions takes your complicated facts, such as detailed medical records, and turns them into easy to understand visual timelines and animated graphics.

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